Now is the perfect time to think about what your future garden will be like.

Innovative ideas and traditional designs will allow you to find balance through exciting combinations, which will make your experience and personalize your outdoor living spaces by extending the interiors of your home outdoors. Take a look at the latest trends in garden design and find the best solutions for your home.

Vibrant colors, gardens created with pots and raised beds created with edible herbs and vegetables, green edges and fencing ideas, the style of a natural garden, the features offered by water and the lovely garden decorations are trends perfect for decorating outdoor living spaces and perfectly combine their functionality with traditional garden designs.

Take a look at the latest trends in garden design and find the best solutions for your home.

Simplified geometry, asymmetric design, and other trends allow the interiors of the home to be expanded outdoors by creating comfortable dining areas and seating, and the original solutions offer novel and interesting ideas for modern garden design and decoration.

Garden design trends

1. Vibrant colors

The colors of the rainbow are one of the perfect trends for decorating the outdoor spaces of your home. Wonderful flower beds, borders, containers painted in bright colors, in various sizes and shapes, and colorful outdoor furniture bring positive energy, optimism and excitement to the gardens.

2. Handmade garden decorations

Decorations in gardening are unique shapes that allow you to customize the designs of your garden and give an artistic touch to the landscaping. Decorative wall decorations, decorative signs, birdhouses and bird feeders provide fantastic DIY projects that allow you to reuse and recycle while designing original decorative items.

3. Blending home interiors and outdoors

The comfortable outdoor living and dining areas, the designs for a summer kitchen and for your large patio, improve the design of your home and add functionality to the gardens. The barbecue, the decks on the patios, the pool houses and the bonfires are fabulous. All the additions you make to your house increase the value significantly.

Flat garden design trend

4. Asymmetry in yard landscaping

The trend in symmetrical garden designs is changing, as these accentuate more symmetry and other more unexpected details. Straight lines become irregular polygons and create combinations of complex geometric shapes by strategically positioning decorative green plants and flowers.

5. Water features

Small and large water sources, ponds, swimming pools, waterfalls and springs will give you peace and balance to the landscape of the patio, while creating pleasant and peaceful outdoor living spaces.

6. Fruits, vegetables, edible herbs

Modern garden design trends are going to offer you creative ideas that will improve the functionality of the outdoor spaces in your home. Berries, fruits, vegetables, edible herbs grow with beautiful flowers, and decorative plants create a lush vegetation and accent a more colorful space.

7. Green fences and growing edges

The green walls and borders with flowers are the most elegant, beautiful and functional, timeless trends that you can find in the decoration of the patios. Shrubs and decorative plants create attractive dividers for the space, provide greater privacy and embellish garden designs.

8. Eco garden design

Spontaneous and harmonious, the ideas in the design of natural gardens give you the best of traditional landscaping and nature. The most modern trends in garden design that are inspired by nature allow imperfections and surprising details, which combine local plants and shrubs, annual and perennial plants, within beautiful gardens to achieve the appearance of a natural environment.

9. Garden decorations and art

Contemporary art is influencing the design of the garden. Today's most original works of art turn functional and decorative spaces into unique and impressive places that balance modern aesthetics with luxury and comfort.

10. Vertical garden design

The most innovative ideas of gardening in the patio extend to the walls and ceilings, aggregating vegetation to each architectural element. The vertical garden design is not only a perfect solution for saving space in small patios, but it also provides a creative and artistic touch, which gives a contemporary ambience to outdoor spaces.

Vertical garden design

To finish, we do not want to stop talking about Lily's plants. The lily plants are beautiful, decorative and very simple to grow. The lilies can be found in a variety of colors that add attractive foliage and bright and warm touches of yellow, pink, red and orange to the design of your garden. The beautiful flowers and long green leaves have the perfect shape to create original compositions with other plants. The lilies can turn them into beautiful centerpieces if several bulbs are planted side by side in a circle.

Lily plants are one of the best options to design borders and backgrounds for flower beds with small plants. The lilies offer a great vibration of colors contrasting with the creations of vegetation in your garden. You can plant the bulbs with other flowers or create a colorful touch with lilies on your flower bed. These flowers are very easy to grow and will allow you to change the flower beds year after year. A place in the garden that is protected from the wind and partially exposed to the sun is ideal for growing lilies.