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Discover our categories, reviews and best quality sustainable products and let your imagination run wild. We are committed to making your decoration projects easier and more intuitive by working only with certified craftsmen, artisans or manufacturers who provide to our customers the best quality eco-friendly products daily. Nattiam.com is the new way to shop for your home.

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Houses with sustainable furniture or ecological decoration products are healthy environments to live together with your family and make your kids grow into an ecological philosophy. Nattiam selects only the best sustainable products of certified professionals to support the natural conscience in our families and houses.

Categories of Eco-Friendly decoration products on Nattiam.com

Nattiam.com gives you the possibility to acquire ecological products chosen by a large community of professionals with a strong ecological mentality.

Handmade Decoration Items

Discover how to decorate and redecorate your home through new ecological products made by certified professionals with a sustainable conscience, just as you have it.

Recovered Furniture

Give a new breath to your home using recovered furniture to decorate the most lovely rooms of your house.

Recycled Decoration Products

Reusing crafted products is always a good idea to bring a new style to your home. Reuse products made of non eco-friendly materials and give an opportunity to items with soul.

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Reach a large community of eco-shoppers to boost the visibility of your brand and maximize the sales of your handmade items, homemade items, handcrafted decoration, recycled items and recovered furniture.

Nattiam.com helps you setting up your online shop through a very intuitive interface which offers you different easy-to-use tools to add products, create offers, advertise your products and sell your items.

Nattiam helps your business to grow

Nattiam gives you the possibility to create a self-managing online shop where hundreds of customers look for decoration items, furniture and sustainable products to reorganize their house or decorate the new one.

Using Nattiam services, you will see your brand and products being sold on a market where only certificate green professionals can participate and where customers know what they can expect of the products available: natural materials, non-pollution production process and originals.