Tips and reasons to sell handmade products in your own online store.

Today I will explain how to sell your handmade products. Many people work from home for a living, either for their own comfort, or due to various circumstances of life.

Some people are passionate about crafts but do not have much time to deal with new technology. Well, to begin with I would tell you that technology is necessary nowadays if you want to sell your crafts. If you do not have time to do it yourself, or you have no idea how to, hire someone to do it for you. The money you invest in that company or person who does it for you, will turn out to be well invested.

There are many platforms to sell our own creations online. Many large companies that offer you the possibility to sell your own products in exchange for something. There’s something in arts and crafts that is still as important now as it was in the old days: The exchange, which is a concept that is deeply linked to this type of work. Currently, this exchange is carried out through percentages of profits or paying a purely symbolic amount of money.

Before I show you how to run a successful craft shop, I feel I must first motivate you to do so as well as help you to motivate your future clients. To do this, we must always have in mind the following statement, Why is it good to buy crafts?

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Firstly, you are helping to maintain a sustainable economy. Normally, a craftsman is responsible for the production and direct sale of their product. And if for some reason it is not the artisan who sells the product, 99% of the time it will be a family member who will be responsible for selling them. Therefore when you buy crafts you are helping a family sustain itself. That family will in turn will buy other products, and from there the money continues to flow.

The second reason your clients buy crafts is because when they do, they are keeping the culture alive and teaching the younger generations. By this I mean that by buying artisan products you are helping to keep the essence of art and artesanal handcrafts alive. In addition, it raises awareness among children of the importance of teaching the values of handmade art and crafts and also teaches them to respect the environment through the consumption of crafts.

Another good motive for encouraging the purchase of hand-crafted products is to highlight that the customer is purchasing an original, unique, exclusive and quality and in many cases, even customized product. This is something that large companies can not do. These specialty products can only be made by the hands of an expert craftsman.

Quality is something that people are used to paying for, but exclusivity and personalization are not. That said, if and when possible, you must consider these factors in order to sell your products: uniqueness and exclusivity and the possibility of personalization.

This creates a much more personal relationship between you and your customers.

Something else that customers really like (and which is becoming even more popular)is knowing where a product comes from. If you make your products in your store, you can give your clientele the chance see the production process first hand. However, if your store is online, you can feature a page on your website highlighting how your product are manufactured and who makes them. This creates a much more personal relationship between you and your customers.

Buyers dealing with the artist who actually handcrafted the products being purchased tend to feel more at ease and tend to trust these products more readily. And when given this kind of attention, it is more than likely that they will call to thank you for your work or even recommend you to others.

Also, make it clear that you care about the environment by creating unique and green products. To do this you must ensure that the materials you use are 100% Eco-friendly. Doing this has a double advantage: First and foremost, it helps Mother Earth and secondly it helps show your clientele the importance of taking care of the planet.

Something that we must take into account is that artisan craftwork preserves human rights. Buying directly from an artisan avoids contributing to the exploitation that millions of people suffer today. Little by little, you are fighting to eliminate the labor exploitation of people and helping to see that the human rights of those workers are no longer violated. Artisan craftswork is not mass production, it is not an industry, it is wonderful work that helps in many areas.

Once I have told you a few reasons that you can express to your clients, I will explain the best options for selling your own artisan products.

An effective way (and my preferred strategy) to position yourself in the market and get your products out there, is by creating an online store. Many will ask where they can buy your products and the answer is simple and easy. Having your own online store gives you seriousness and status and also allows you to be the exclusive owner of your products.

Everything you invest in your store, both in time as well as earnings, will 100% profit you. But this is not something that is quick nor simple. To have your own online store, you must be constant. You must be dedicated to your virtual store and your customers. If you do not have the time to do this, there are companies that can help you to do this.

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Now i will move on to the 10 tips to having a successful online store.

  1. The first tip, which I have already told you, is to be constant. An online store requires the same amount of time that a physical store requires. We must not forget that it is a store and as such requires maintenance and has customers who may have doubts that need clarifying.
  2. The second thing that we have to keep in mind is that it is not simply creating a store and leaving it there. Every day, you must check the stock, check that the products look correct and so on. If for some reason something does not work well in your store, get in touch with the person who has helped you create it and fix it as soon as possible. That way you always give 100% service to your customers.
  3. Read a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is essential that your store is properly written and categorized correctly. This is the basis of whether you appear in Google searches or not. It all depends on the words you use. As this is difficult to do, I recommend that when you look for a company to help you with the creation of the online store, ask them to help you write the texts in SEO. I insist, this is essential.
  4. Configuring Google Analytics is also quite important. Since it will help you to know how the customer moves in your store; their preferences and tastes. With this tool you can use real data to do things like create advertising campaigns or make offers in your store.
  5. Advertise your products on social networks. Today we really use on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more social networks. It is important that you make yourself visible on these networks because with them you can grab the attention of "leads" (potential customers) and see more or less what they like.
  6. Images of your products must be high quality photographs. There are tutorials on the Internet that will help you to take the best photographs for both your social networks and your online store. It is essential that your photos are well lit and high quality.
  7. Apart from your online store, you can also sell your products on some of the platforms I have mentioned above. They will make you even more visible and will help current clientele and even potential customers find you in the future.
  8. Selling at fairs or craft markets is another good way to reach the public. Normally, people who visit these types of markets value craftsmanship and appreciate the exclusivity of products made by hand, and will therefore understand your prices.
  9. Always have business cards at hand. Always having them in your wallet or purse is very important. You never know where you'll find a customer. And by giving out business cards you both give off a formal image and give customers a way to contact you.
  10. And finally, regardless of whether you sell through another platform to do it yourself, you will be learning as you go. And you can learn from every aspect do not close doors. You´re not throwing away money on any platform, you are investing in learning; learning how customers move around on the network and learning about their tastes, learning what's trending, and learning how to make your goods accessible, all so that for you benefit from your handmade products.
  11. I hope that all this will help you to create a good online store and that you will be encouraged to sell your crafts. The world needs more artisan handcrafts and fewer mass- production goods.