You must be very clear that doing this can be a challenge, since you must know what to look for, as well as what sources you can trust, when you are doing your research.

To help you clarify some of what you need to know, members of the Forbes Real Estate Board have conducted an analysis of some of the ways in which it is advisable to keep abreast of market trends and fluctuations, as well as why those can help. approaches in the sector.

1. Focus On Your Specific Market

Most of the fluctuations and trends in the property market that are reported are general and not specific to a particular market. That is, it is not reported for each city in a region. You can even produce different market statistics when changing from one street to another. It is important to make sure that the information you refer to or depend on is specific to your market and your objectives.

It is important to make sure that the information you refer to or depend on is specific to your market and your objectives.

2. Find Experts And Bearish Cynics

In commercial real estate, there is a cacophony that announces great investment opportunities every day. But, we recommend that you talk to a tax specialist and discover that the rules are not finalized. You can also be informed by a fund manager that they are not buying yet. Do you want to separate the action from the hype? Find experts and cynical bass players, and if you explain that it is only a "moment" that a definitive action, that is your guide.

3. Watch The High-End

Markets, in most cases, only talk about money. You must be able to appreciate if the market moves from the bottom up, and know that at the moment that money is available, the low, medium and high range works well. In a recession, if the high range is being delayed, it is an indication that the cycle is in decline. A strong, low and mid-range price market is still possible while the high range is in decline, but it is a sign of a general negative trend.

4. Listen To Your 'Boots On The Ground'

Make no mistake, real estate is a business that makes people work, so you should always remember that teamwork makes the dream work. The people in the field are what will be your eyes and ears, who will inform you of the changes that are taking place. It will also be more current information compared to anything you read online. If you select the market and the right people, they can provide you with detailed information on a daily basis and more.

US street price on the real estate market

5. Educate Yourself About The Economy

As investors and advisers, it is your duty to understand the general economy to determine what an indicator really is and where the market is heading, and to separate it from what is just an anomaly or a noise and inaccurate analysis.

By continually educating ourselves and looking beyond numbers and statistics, we can add value to both our portfolio and the requirements of our customers.

6. Trust In The Numbers

Hard and cold data never lie, and the market is always in constant flux. Then, it is best to investigate the recent sales data, the percentage oscillations comparisons over a period of 6 to 12 months. In this way, the real market trends that are affecting their potential opportunities are revealed. It is best to focus on the type of property and trends of micro-market data, with this you will find information on real offers that will guide you with confidence when establishing your purchase or sales objective.

7. Check Your Sources For Credibility

Search and organize data obtained from multiple sources, analyze the conclusions supported by more than one important entity and consider the credibility of the sources. A research report or a national news should have more weight than the opinions of an unknown blogger. All sources are not created in the same way, so they are not equally reliable.

8. Study Ratios

The data is useful only if they are related to each other. You must establish proportions, that is, combine several different market statistics to really see what is happening. For example, the price per square foot is somewhat useful, since this price will trace the decrease in the standard value of PPSF.

9. Research Master Plan Documents

Our advice to keep abreast of market trends is to review updated master plans in the metropolitan areas with the greatest population growth. Master plans are the guiding documents where community development is established and, generally, can be found on planning or development websites for most cities or counties. Maricopa County was the fastest growing county in 2018, so it can be a good place to start.