With the current circumstances, teleworking is gaining ground, and finding original solutions that make us earn more is important.

At Nattiam, because the CEO is a LEED accredited professional, we know the possible tools that are needed to get the work and projects we do, and the properties we manage to our potential clients. Not only that, we know that in certain occasions, we need the collaboration of other professionals of the sector, to increase the possibilities of success in what we propose.

Another aspect to highlight at present is that, more than ever, and due to everything that is happening on the planet, we are all becoming aware of the importance of a much more sustainable future, and this begins with each one of us, in taking advantage of the advances in technology and sustainable materials to be able to contribute our grain of sand.

This is why Nattiam is a platform that brings together all sustainable professionals, to offer their services to the market of sustainable clients who are waiting to find more easily everything they need to make their way of living and consuming much more respectful of the environment.

To begin with we will list the possibilities offered by the nattiam.com platform:

  1. The only online platform that brings together all the professionals in sustainable construction, real estate, home staging, gardening, home technology, and everything else you can imagine.
  2. Creation of a sustainable professional profile.
  3. Project / properties upload without limit thanks to a very intuitive dashboard adapted to mobile.
  4. Professional profile promotion on the Nattiam.com main section.
  5. Promotion of projects / properties on the Nattiam.com main section.
  6. Mentions in our social networks.
  7. Chat with other professionals to achieve important sustainable collaborations.
  8. Get optimized leads, which not only look for your projects or properties, but specifically look for the sustainability you can offer them.
  9. Complete management dashboard for leads and chats with other professionals.
  10. Within the chat you can see who follows your profile or your projects in the favorites section.
  11. You will have the option to view statistics with data that will allow you to check the scope and dissemination of your profile or your projects / properties.
  12. The dashboard is fully optimized for all devices so you can manage your account from anywhere.

Not only will you be able to use all the features listed above, but in a short time we will include other solutions for professionals, such as video conferencing to be able to talk directly with clients and professionals, or show a property live.

Remember, teleworking offers great advantages and opportunities thanks to the internet and technology such as artificial intelligence or statistics about your business provided by Nattiam.

Official launch in April!