Pinterest inspires people to live a more sustainable lifestyle

Sustainable and impactful investments in the United States continue to have high growth. Investors now consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors at $ 12 billion in professionally managed assets, a 38 percent increase since 2016. Financial firms and institutional investors address a diverse set of ESG concerns in a range wider than ever. Many of these money managers and institutions worry about racial and gender discrimination, gun violence and environmental protection, and to give it the importance it deserves, they are using portfolio selection and shareholder commitment to address these important problems.

This change is taking place in a wide range of activities, not only at the level of investments, constructions and new business models. But it is also being reflected in social networks. An example of this is what is being seen in searches on Pinterest, as you can see in the following data.

Protecting the environment for future generations is a hot topic, and you can see how on Pinterest Millennials and Gen Z'ers are twice as likely to seek sustainability ideas compared to Pinners over 38 years. Recent reports show that climate change is more serious than ever, it's no wonder why! In fact, many Pinners are inspired to leave their comfort zone and try a greener lifestyle for the first time, with searches for "sustainable life for beginners" by 265% from last year.

All this is being projected in an increase in people looking for sustainable and ecological ideas in areas such as travel, food, parenting and style. Given the state of the world and politically and environmentally, the Pinners, especially the Millennials and Gen Zers, want to participate in giving a boost to the change of what is happening in the environment. Even if these are small daily changes, it is inspiring to see people working together to make a difference.

Below is the data on how Pinners around the world feel inspired to act and generate content, and with this an impact, they are advised from purchases and sustainable travel to the use of less waste in the home and office.

Sustainable Home

Sustainable living (+ 69% since last year) is the most sought after term for sustainability on Pinterest, as users of this social network are looking to make small changes in their daily lives, as the best way to eliminate the plastic and have zero waste in your home and office. They are also incorporating sustainability in the kitchen (+ 58%) by choosing ecological designs and utensils, in their activities with their children (+ 59%) and even in gifts (+ 126%).

Sustainable travel

Sustainable Travel

Searches for zero-waste trips have increased by 74% as users seek information for their routine activities such as lighter packing, reducing their carbon footprint and using less waste while on the road....

Sustainable fashion dye

Sustainable Style

Within the fashion sector there is growing interest in discovering sustainable fashion brands (+ 49%), such as those that use recycled and organic materials. Some Pinterest users, Pinners, are resorting to an even smarter way of renting their clothes or exchanging them with others; A trend that is not only helping the planet but also its wallets.