Start your next year 2019 with a celebration that lives up to the lifestyle you support

This year is coming to an end, and what better way to end 2018 than celebrating a sustainable New Year party? Well to make decisions so that a party very ecological, and, we assure you, it is not too difficult to do.

1. Email your party invites to save paper

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States consumes more than 69 million tons of paper and cardboard per year. We must have a greater commitment to the environment! There are companies that facilitate the sending of free and attractive invitations by email, which is a good way to minimize the additional waste generated when producing and delivering papers.

2. Choose local food and drink

Choosing products that are in season and buying locally whenever possible are two of the best actions we can take. You can buy foods that are grown organically and sustainably (make sure you have sustainable agriculture labels), and make sure you include some vegetarian options; Meatless dishes save water and energy used to raise livestock. Visit your nearest farmer's market for inspiration, advice and ingredients. If you are going to buy soft drinks, select those that are packed in aluminum cans, which are easier to recycle than plastic bottles.

3. Stock up on second hand linens

Find a second-hand local store and buy durable vintage home clothes, such as tablecloths and napkins. Buying second-hand items will help you lower the costs of Christmas shopping, you'll also contribute a good action to minimize the purchase of plastic tablecloths and paper napkins for each event, and it will be much less heartbreaking if a guest permanently stains a tablecloth of fabric if this has not had a high purchase price.

4. Use real plates and stemware

If you are organizing the party at home, serve dinner to your guests with real dishes and glasses. Not only will it add elegance to your event, it will also save unnecessary garbage waste. If you are not interested in using all those dishes, a second option is to use biodegradable or compostable dishes and utensils. On the market there are several brands of biodegradable and even edible dishes and glasses. How is that for zero waste?

Go for compostable disposable drink cups

Once you run out of glass, the disposable cups are the next to be used on your table. But in this article we recommend using, for a more sustainable option, the cold cups of reuse, which are made of 100% vegetable resins, free of toxins and completely compostable.

5. Utilize reusable decorations

If possible, you can take part of the seasonal vegetation of your patio to create decorative that personalizes a door or a table. Another activity, which you can even do as a family, is beeswax candles easily, you just have to use beeswax sheets and wind a long candle wick. To finish the candle with a Christmas touch, you can cut the excess wick on the bottom and tie a nice red raffia ribbon around the center. Use flower pots for your garden as a party and table decoration. Let guests take one home as favor at the end of the party.

Another saving is to try to make the single-use party decorations (such as streamers, garlands and banners) not leave a big dent in your wallet, but keep in mind that its impact on the environment if it is high. To decrease this waste, you should choose mini indoor plants and flower pots to refresh your space, and the air, and you can even let the guests take them home as decorations for the party. Another very original decoration, which last year was a striking trend, is to tie colorful scarves instead of streamers or garlands. You can buy colorful fabrics to decorate the entrance or to cut the areas where you do not want the guests to go. Once the party is over, they can be reused as colorful sofa throws are used in your next DIY project.

Do not forget to clean up any mess or spill with organic vinegar cleaning.

With these tricks and some other small tips here and there, such as paper straws instead of plastic, a large beverage dispenser instead of individual soft drinks or juice boxes, which, once spent, provide a compost bin for waste of food, other garbage and recycling bins. Get ready to celebrate the new year with style, without suffering the hangover that accompanies the next day. Do not forget to clean up any mess or spill with organic vinegar cleaning.