Decoration trends of a modern farmhouse

Are you one of those people who is seeking tranquility, calmness and wants to be away from pollution and in contact with nature? Once you've been in one of these, you will not want to live in another house.

The field farms, as you once knew them, have ceased to exist. Now there is a perfect harmony between modernity and tradition that offers us a totally new perspective.

If you are going to design the interior of a farm, you should know what are the important aspects to take into account before making these types of designs. At the time of completing your design, we discussed some details that you should include to achieve the most trending look.

Laundry area

Try to combine appliances that makes a conventional life, with an aesthetic of furniture that gives the opposite go to the rustic and reuse some detail that is an antique.

Reuse old original parts

Do not stop reusing that piece of yesteryear, which at the time was essential and now nobody remembers. Give him love and incorporate them into the rest of the design with a more modern style.

Imagine the possibilities you have if you apply imagination, an element that at a glance seems like itҀ™s worth nothing but you can transform it into something incredible.

Ornaments with cheesy phrases

You can not miss famous phrases throughout the stay, "brush your teeth" in the bathroom, Γ’Β€Βœeat healthy" in the kitchen, "the most important thing is company" in the living room, etc. everywhere and remind us how important it is to know how to enjoy life.

Accented details

Contrast with colors and textures, heights and thicknesses, not only in temporality, even in space. Find the combination that fulfills you the most and you will know that this is the right one.

For example, you can choose, a little wood for the interior, inside the rustic shelves, in your living room, the contrast comes with these natural elements perfectly integrated with the contemporary figures and the colors of the blues and marinas that merge onto the color of the cream floor and the wood of the bookcase and the fire of the fireplace.

Accessories that adorn walls

The character of your farm is printed by you, decorating each corner and each with distinctive elements that are unique, rescues the essence of the previous farm and mix it with the current one. Improvise! a rusty cage, the stirrups of a horse, the bolt of the barn door, the many you will not know where to start.

Doors that remind us of the classic barn

The sliding doors with ironwork above to add a rustic and pleasant look to the living room. It will impress you when you see the result and even more if you are the one who rescues that door and gives it a new life again. You will find many options to implement it and all of them will be fantastic.

Window frames in industrial black

Before the color paintings existed, the black color was mainly used on windows and doors of all kinds, especially on the farms, this color was maintained for many years, nowadays it is still chosen to highlight the entrances and exits. and give an industrial appearance that adds definition to these houses.

An Aga kitchen

An Aga is a staple of the farm, and as far as ovens are concerned, it has an appeal and charm that remains over time. Also, the dark black brings something to the kitchen regardless your style of touch which leaves no one indifferent when you enter the room and see it. Especially if combined with a modern style as discussed in the article.

Natural materials

Suppose we have to build a bathroom and we have to design the main part, "the sink", we make a suggestion for you to get a more natural result, try a wooden dressing table with limestone top, topped with bone handles. Natural and raw materials are a sure way to add rustic spirit to your modern farm while preserving the natural essence.

Mixed materials

In a good modern farm, there is a strong country style. The stainless steel accents contrast nicely with white oak cabinetry, doors with rib trim on the flat front and blue tile tile floors.

Barn Coating

The wood covering that we can apply to the house, you can choose one that has a barn effect.

Animal motifs

A centerpiece made of deer antlers, is an easy way to present the vibrations of the country in an unexpected way.

Mix of times

Create a timeless and truly unique space, let the new elements and the old, feel happy side by side. The modern chairs of Bertoia, for example, mid-century, one upholstered and another nude, will create a conversation corner with a Chippendale sofa of the eighteenth century that will leave you stone.

High ceilings

A high ceiling in the kitchen imitates the one of a barn or a country house of historical frame. The aspect that brings such a roof to the house is a sign of respect for the essence.

White accents

The crisp white pieces work well in rustic homes. Tip, choose modern armchairs and dress them with elegant and beautiful white mid-century covers.

Original features

Part of making a rustic home or heritage farm feel contemporary is to embrace (and update) the original architectural details. For example, in a restoration of the room where the fireplace was, the original exposed masonry is maintained, while the mantelpiece has been painted.

It has to remind us of the locality

Your neighbors want to know that they still live in the same place, if you decide to innovate you can do it but without going over, I mean that as a general rule you usually look for a style that looks like the place where you are going to build your modern farm.

As in any trend, the modern farm will not disappear completely, but it is a temporary "fashion", we will soon see something more current but for the moment let's put a "vintage" fork on the table.