Chat and leads messages

For the sustainable professional, this utility not only offers you the possibility to have conversations with other professionals with whom you can exchange your professional services or products, but thanks to this functionality you will be able to connect with new leads to whom you can offer your services/products and send budgets to reach agreements for the realization of sustainable professional projects.

In the case of the real estate professional, this chat means a direct contact with people interested in the sustainable properties you have listed in Thanks to this you will be able to close future visits to the different properties and obtain leads interested in finding the right property in your area.

All conversations will be kept in a history in your professional dashboard, divided between conversations you have had with other professionals to obtain collaborations, and conversations or messages you have received from leads to find out about your sustainable projects or products and obtain budgets.

The use of this history is very simple, being able to filter and search to restore the conversation or re-contact the desired person.

Chat dashboard


Being able to count on analyses that give us the information we need to know if our profile and services, products or properties offer what the sustainable client wants, is of vital importance.

In the professional dashboard you have a section where you can check if the information, images and other data you provide in your files, both the professional, as your services / products and properties, have a good effect and possible leads visit and save as favorites.

Thanks to this information you will know if you have to make any changes, and apply these good techniques in all the platforms you use to promote yourself. Your image and that of what you offer is very important.

You will be able to check the visits to your profile and everything you have published or listed in, the people who have saved you as a favorite and the contacts you have had in a specific period of time. Not only that, but you will also be able to manage the favorites you have selected from third party professionals.

Analytic dashboard


As we mentioned before, Nattiam has a section in the dashboard where you can find out who has given me like to any of your projects, services or products, and if they follow your professional profile. In addition you can see everything you have saved as a favorite to find it quickly and see it at any time.

As you can see in the platform for sustainable professionals, you can control every detail, and thus see if your strategy for acquiring leads, through what you show in files and profile is appropriate.

Don't forget to create an account at the next launch at the end of April, we look forward to seeing you!

Favorite dashboard