The weather is giving a very sharp change, and what we know today as Earth today, may disappear tomorrow. The idea of traveling as therapy and escape are going from being a fad to a very common way of traveling, and with the advent of social networks, traveling is no longer a solitary affair.

Although slow, it is true that the world is moving towards sustainable ways of life. These sustainability methods also exist for travelers, and in this article we leave you what you can do to make your trips sustainable and ecological.

One-Time Plastics

Plastics such as chip packages, plastic bottles, chewing gum and candy wrappers is the most common tourist garbage in mountainous areas or forests. A new order is being implemented to ban these single-use plastics, but the most effective way to stop it completely is to avoid items completely. Instead of food packaged in plastic, one can opt for fresh fruit and other organic substitutes that are degradable and that do not cause us guilt or harm to the environment. It is better to use cloth or paper to avoid temptation and unnecessary contamination. In case of water, an aluminum or glass bottle is your best bet to be sustainable.


Music has become a necessity on any trip and a speaker is an accessory par excellence, which travels with us as a toothbrush. Although thanks to this we can carry our favorite rhythms, deprive our ears of enjoying natural music, it is in control with the appropriate decibel level and acts as a cathartic mechanism.

It is true that climate change is being caused largely by physical factors, but noise pollution is equally worrying. An effective and sustainable way to prevent this from happening is by using headphones to listen to music if we cannot do without it. Loud noise, including conversation, can be booked for a room or the return trip. When we travel, we forget too often that nature also belongs to other creatures with sensitive hearing.


The negative environmental impact caused by tourism changes frequently and is gigantic. An example of this is the massacre that is carried out with forests, animals and birds to build new tourist centers, after which a pertinent question arises. Are we well, ironically killing nature in our attempt to approach it?

One way to be ecofriendly in this case would be avoiding going to resorts and hotels and opting for more sustainable tents or options. A resort is an artificial version to get close to nature, but the reality is that it involves interrupting the normal life of nature in many aspects, including excessive water consumption, which contributes to massive deforestation and deprives animals of their natural ecosystem If you are really looking for a natural experience, abandon luxury and be natural.

Green Solution

The most important thing when we make a trip is to enjoy the beauty of nature, and a car, with high music and tires wreaking havoc on sensitive terrain and wildlife, is not the best approach to enjoy nature. Cars generate a lot of dust and noise and, as expected, generously contribute to noise and air pollution.

When we travel very frequently we need a car that brings us great comfort, and these types of vehicles cause very high emission levels. Many beautiful places are sensitive to sound and crowds, and can often be accessed on foot or as an ecological alternative, the use of a cycle is included to avoid severe impacts on your environment and respect the outdoors.


It often helps to educate yourself about the different ways of life in nature to be aware and respect them.

Talking with experienced travelers or experts, or just reading about these topics can help. With this we could avoid unpleasant situations such as conflicts between men and animals or emergency situations, such as running out of supplies. We can always inform ourselves by asking a group of travelers or an environmental NGO to explain to us what small measures can best be used.