Plants have been an important element in interior design for centuries. An easy and quick way to add character to your space. In addition, plants reduce stress and reduce certain contaminants, so introducing them into your home will benefit more than just aesthetics.

Indoor plants are gaining prominence in 2019, going from being an accessory in which you barely think, to the main feature in a carefully designed room. So, whether you prefer large pots or subtle succulents, today we're going to talk to you about five ways you can adopt the botanical trend and introduce vegetation into your own home this season...

Large Plants

The large plants are perfect to establish a color that predominates, without being too crazy to be a plant.

Ideal for tropical environments, these large plants work best in a minimalist interior to avoid a crowded appearance. But, you should keep in mind that, due to the size and space that the pot will occupy in your home, it is almost as important as the plant itself. Consider your interior scheme before investing in a large planter; If your home is of tropical inspiration, you can use bamboo, if on the other hand, it is another style, a solid concrete or brushed metal pot can work.

Small Plants

We can adapt small plants anywhere and work throughout the house from the bathroom to the office.

Light up the office or your home with a selection of succulents in terracotta or marble pots. Succulents require minimal care and grow well in dry climates, which makes them the perfect indoor plant. For a spectacular bathroom space, the Aloe Vera plant is ideal. Known as the "plant of immortality", this healing plant does not require much water to survive and remains healthy only by the humidity of the bathroom.

Tropical design home


Take the houseplant trend a step further with vibrant botanical wallpaper.

Whether it’s tropical leaves, lush foliage or bamboo stripes, botanical wallpaper is a long-lasting way to keep your home looking fresh. Better suited to contemporary interiors, this look can be incorporated from the bedroom to the living space as long as the rest of the interior is thoughtfully curated. To make the most of your vibrant wallpaper, offset the green hues with splashes of yellow in the form of pillows, and keep the rest of the look understated with gray furniture and bare wooden floors.

Home Accessories

Purchase plant-themed furniture for a unique and trendy design of your home.

Currently, the renowned interior brands are adopting the trend of the plant in a wide range of furniture. The decoration with cushions and pillows are perfect for those who want to get trend without having to take care of an indoor plant.

To get this trend in your own home, a selection of tropical pillows against a flat sofa, think of pale gray or solid black to make the green tones stand out. If you are brave enough to mix patterns, the botanical pillows on a zigzag-patterned sofa will finish the look perfectly.

Colour Coordinated

Transform your home into a lush tropical hideaway with a mix of large and small plants dotted everywhere. And if you want even more green in your home, you can complement the natural vegetation with tropical-inspired pillows and complete the style with touches of green in the form of sofas, chairs, vases and pillows. But remember to keep the minimalism in the rest of the furniture, with white chairs, carpets and hardwood floors to avoid overloading the space. This aspect works best in spacious and bright rooms with lots of natural light.

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