Types of flowers and colours that will make your house a home

How you decorate your home is an important matter. Some do it to change their homes and give it a different touch. The truth is that, how we decorate our homes affects our health.

Floral decoration has always been there, but lately it is gaining considerable relevance. Day by day, more and more flowers are being used to decorate our homes. The reason is our well-being.

When you decorate your home with flowers, not only are you giving it a touch of colour but also liveliness. You are also improving your mood and reducing stress. If you want to know what kind of flowers are the most appropriate, you need to take into account the space they will take up and if it has enough sunlight. If you want them natural or preserved.

It all depends on the money we want to spend on our decoration. If we are willing to allocate a weekly budget to changing the flowers as soon as they wither. Or if we prefer to spend some more on natural flowers that will last forever.

Image of preserved flower

To me, the second is the better option, because preserved flowers are totally natural and eternal. Natural flowers are incredibly beautiful and their scent will make your home a unique place undoubtedly. The downside is that they wither easily if they are not looked after them properly or they do not get enough light. For this reason, i would say that the best option are preserved flowers. They are totally natural and they look just like a natural flower. They do not seem artificial at all, because they are not.

They are slightly more expensive than the fresh natural ones, but it is money well invested. There is a wide range of flowers that will give your home that special touch like: roses, chrysanthemum, gardenias, orchids or even hydrangeas. If you mix them with paniculata, it will give you a bohemian and romantic touch to your home.

If we combine flowers with the decoration which is currently in vogue, we obtain a place for our own relaxation, which can give us peace of mind. Nordic decoration is very trendy right now, characterized by whites, greys and natural wood. If possible oak wood, if not, oak-like wood. Canadian oak is trendy in this type of decoration.

Image of nordic decoration

The combination of canadian oak and nordic white, provides a sense of harmony. To give it a hint of colour, we can add light grey objects, dark grey and some other pale pink objects.

The key is to keep this kind of decoration as simple as possible. Do not overload the premisses with too many colours, and keep everything within the same cold colour spectrum. That, well combined will give your home a warm feel.

Another aspect of nordic decoration is that you can make your own furniture. Recycling furniture helps the planet and you have the satisfaction of having made it yourself.

To restore furniture nowadays is quite easy. There are various options of paints on the market that do not require to sand your furniture previously. Chalk paint for example, is one of the prime paints for furniture restoration. It is very thick and very easy to work with.

It only takes enthusiasm and the desire to see your your house transform step by step in true DIY fashion. In vintage and nordic decoration, furniture does not have to have perfect coating. The fact of it being old and restored, or scratched, adds special charm to the piece. Very refined coatings are not very trendy, whereas a natural appearance is.

Another trend that can be added to the “ecofriendly” movement, that contributes to the environment. By recycling furniture you can help mother earth significantly, which means that a piece of furniture can have many lives. For example an old door can be used as a bed headrest, or a pallet to make a table, it all comes down to imagination.

An old door can be used as a bed headrest, or a pallet to make a table, it all comes down to imagination.

And if you lack of imagination, you can pick up ideas from many websites, from which you can ask for useful tips.

If you are not the most imaginative type, do not fret, as there a loads of ideas to be picked up from websites which also have loads of useful tips.

In order to obtain the best results, start with small objects, and grow your way up to bigger ones. I can assure you will find chalk paint very useful to give a second opportunity to everything you want to recycle.

To get the best possible results, start off with small objects and make your way up to the bigger pieces. When applying chalk paint, the only thing you have to be careful with is to make sure that the surface in question is clean and dust-free. Apart from that, it is similar to other paints.

There is also a wide range of eco friendly products and thats a plus when it comes to recycling.

Improving our health starts at home so do not give it a second thought and give your house a breath of fresh air, using plants and hand-made objects to ultimately create a living-space full of harmony, peace and balance as well as taking care of mother earth.