Why Real Estate Agents Should Work More on Facebook

If you have been following our blogs you will know that we offer relevant information to achieve your goals as a real estate agent. In this article we want to remind you of something that you are not carrying out well, you are mismanaging your Facebook account and actually REACHING your audience is becoming more difficult.

It is a very real fact that every 20 minutes, approximately 1 million links are shared on Facebook, almost 5 million photos are uploaded and more than 700,000 states are updated. And yet, the average commitment of company pages to the publication of updates has decreased by more than 20% since January 2017.

So, what should an intelligent real estate agent do that wants to maximize its reach in social networks?

It may sound contradictory, but slowing down your current activity on Facebook and thinking what is best can be part of the solution!

I decrease my activity on Facebook ... Why?

Several recent studies have concluded that limiting the number of publications, focusing more on the quality and content that is published is relevant to the target audience, can help increase its reach and engagement.

A recent study by Hubspot explained in detail that if you have a number of followers less than 10,000, making publications twice a day will generate 50% of LESS clicks per publication. The study continues mentioning that making publications more than 60 times a month contributed 60% less clicks on these than on the fanpages that only publish 5 or less times a month.

You should focus on quality, not quantity

There are so many online discussions about the need to be active in social networks, to develop an online presence and reputation as an agent, that probably breathes relief at the idea of ​​publishing less on Facebook.

When you eliminate the need to publish too often, that is, more than twice a day, you can concentrate on creating quality content that really attracts and remains in the memory of your audience.

But do not perform experiments blindly! Keep reading this article to get some tips on how to reduce the speed of Facebook posts while increasing the engagement of your followers ... and without forgetting to create quality content:

1. Experiment with your timing

There are a great variety of expert companies in Social Media that have conducted studies investigating the best moments of the day, and even the best days of the week, to post on Facebook. A study by Sprout Social recommends Thursday and Friday around 1 p.m. to perform them. But there is nothing better than experimenting with all these actions to see when your particular audience is paying attention.

2. Vary the types of content each time you share

Varying the types of content each time you make a publication is a great way to test what works best for your target, but it also allows you to really concentrate on providing more VALUE to your audience. Here are some types of content to consider:

  • Video content: it's a mistake to be afraid of video content! This is your friend. There are quite a few ways to share videos without having to be in front of the camera yourself. Check out this blog for more video ideas.
  • Cured content: the cured content is already existing content that it extracts from other sources and is edited for an adequate presentation according to the source where it will be presented. It is advisable to manage good content within the strategy.
  • Infographics: These images are fantastic to attract the attention of your target audience and are very "valuable to share" in social networks as a digital marketing strategy. Market statistics support this tactic!
  • Market reports: Consider creating a landing page where you can direct your followers to receive a free analysis of their home's value, etc. You're providing something of real value here! Check out this blog for other ways to leverage market data to engage contacts.

3. Learn the 70/20/10 rule

Developed by the Coca-Cola content marketing team, the 70/20/10 rule means that 70% of your content should be types that are already doing well. Meaning, check your Insights page to see how things are performing and then leverage that content again.

Then, you should keep in mind that 20% should be iterations and improvements are 70%. This is where you experiment with the text of the publication, the image that accompanies it, the time of day in which you make the publication, etc., this way you will be able to verify if the small improvements can take the publication with even greater reaches. Lastly, 10% should be something completely new that you are testing.

4. Think about your end game

Let's face it being active on social media will certainly help you establish your online reputation and make you look like the rockstar thought-leader you are, but, you just want LEADS, right?

After all this, I'm sure you're thinking about your final play. When a Facebook follower clicks on your post, where should they be sent to? Are you going to a landing? Are they going to an enrollment form? Are you going to place a link to click on at the button? Once they are there, how will you capture their contact information or email?

Do not waste your little time creating impressive and quality content if you're finally going to send your followers to an uninspiring destination!

What will YOU share?

If you're going to delay your staging on Facebook and spend some time focusing on quality over quantity ... we'd love to see what you share! Take a screenshot and join our community on Facebook and Instagram, where we keep in touch with real estate agents from all over the country!