You have bought a new home, or simply, you want to redecorate your current house and you were wondering which is the best way to start when it is time to start choosing garden furniture.

There are a lot of different ways to choose and select one or another style, however, it is very important to have a green conscience and try to think a little bit in the materials and ways which these furnitures were made in order to support and preserve our planet to future generations.

Ecofriendly outdoor furniture

For this reason, I have prepared this post to you. Because I want to help you make easier and faster decisions, and of course, inspire you with different references and ideas about which are the most important choices you may make about furniture distribution, spaces organization, styles and colors.

Outdoor Spaces: Comfortables and well planned

The general distribution and decoration in a house must have personality. Indoor and outdoor spaces need to have a balance between them and the only way to get this job done is through a good planning.

The first step is to observe and think about the general color palette. Are your walls painted in Terracota and is your couch light green? You should note this and look for good combination of colors which compliments them. The general color palette will give you visual peace and balance when you change from one room to another.

Imagine for a moment having a yellow couch with red walls in the living room and blue walls in the bedroom, it would be weird, right? We all want an ideal situation in our home with good taste in colors, furniture and distribution to fully enjoy our daily days.

The same happens when it is the time to redecorate our garden or patio. These outdoor spaces need to combine with the rest of the house giving it a full sensation of balance and wellness.

The best way to get it, it is through eco-friendly garden furniture.

However, it is a mistake thinking that you need have a big outdoor garden or patio to enjoy it to the fullest. Actually, smaller outdoor spaces are much better that the big ones because it forces you to not complicate the decoration with a large number of furniture or decor items.

The first step I recommend for you is to stand in front of the space and think about the way you are going to use it in your daily life. Will it be a rest place or maybe you prefer organize dinners, barbecues or pool parties? This specifications are very important because they will help you choose the different furniture, colors and distribution you will need.

Once you have decide, the next step is to organize the space. Of course, the organization will depend on the space you have available.

What about starting with a table with some chairs to have a place where your family can eat and speak together during fresh summer nights? This is outdoor furniture that every garden or patio needs and a good way to start choosing the distribution.

Next step would be thinking about the material.

Durability: The key concept to your garden furniture

As you know, garden furniture use to be exposed to rain, wind, sun and humidity. For this reason, you will need a material which has durability. There are different kinds of eco-friendly woods in the market but I recommend you choosing eco-friendly furniture made with bamboo, willow and/or rattan palm vine.

The main reasons why I recommend this kind of wood is because they are used in the manufacturing of the oldest outdoor furniture. Most of them have the natural ability to grow very fast unlike other kind of trees which need long periods to reach full growth.

On the other hand, for those people who prefer to use metal in their eco-friendly garden furniture, my recommendation is to use aluminium or stainless steel. They look modern, clean and are able to face different weather conditions and stay as nice as the first day. The electro polished, tubular stainless steel frames and lightweight and easy to carry aluminium are able to resist erosion and bring a beauty chic style to your outdoor space.

Eco-Friendly Material List to Decorate Your Garden and Preserve the Planet.

I have given you some tips and references to start choosing your eco-friendly garden furniture, styling and colors. Now, I want you to have a look to these eco-friendly materials and choose the best alternatives according with your styling taste and materials.

There are a plenty of different materials so you wonҀ™t have any problem to find the ones which fit with your garden!

The three types of sustainable materials that work best for outdoor garden furniture are:

  • Hard-Wearing, Durable Woods: Bamboo, willow and rattan palm vine. They are resistant and fast-growing woods.
  • Recycled Plastic: High density polyethylene (HPDE) makes recycled plastics durable, water resistant and low maintenance. Also, it is basically impervious to all weather conditions.
  • Stainless steel or Aluminium: Stainless steel is electro polished, tubular stainless steel frames and lightweight. Aluminium is easy to carry. Choose these metals which include a higher percentage of recycled content.

As you see, there are a plenty of sustainable possibilities to decorate or redistribute your garden. The use of eco-friendly outdoor furniture helps to the planet through a sustainable way and offer us the same - or even more - benefits that the normal manufactured non-sustainable materials.