The tradition of meeting new neighbors and giving candy to disguised children is a lot of fun, but it is also true that a lot of waste is generated associated with vacations and that created a bit of conflict.

According to the according to the annual survey released today by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, “…Holiday shoppers plan to spend 4 percent more this year. Consumers say they will spend an average of $1,047.83 this holiday season, up 4 percent from the $1,007.24 they said they would spend last year”.

The EPA has calculated that about 30% of municipal solid waste are due to packaging materials, whose recycling is complex. In addition, most costumes are bought and used only once before being thrown away. In addition, they are commonly made of non-recyclable synthetic materials.

So how can we avoid generating waste while having fun? We leave you some ideas to enjoy a greener Halloween!

Eco Friendly Decorations

  • PUMPKINS: decorate with compostable elements such as pumpkins, with which you can later roast the seeds and prepare a soup.
  • PAPER: Using recyclable materials to decorate, such as paper, can have an environmental impact at a Halloween party. If, for example, you decorate your home with black paper bats, then you can recycle them all when you finish celebrating.
  • CANDLES: Use the candlelight and get a spooky atmosphere. Find a way to make candles in old glass jars, all you need is a slow cooker to create them! If you don't want to start making candles, another option is to avoid scented candles and opt for beeswax.
  • GHOSTS: Make ghosts using old white sheets and filling the center with a bunch of yard leaves. With a rope you can make the shape of the neck to create the "head". Tie your ghosts to tree branches in the yard! You can also hang them inside the house.
  • THREAD COAT: Use white and organic cotton yarn to create a spider web, and decorate the interior or exterior of your home.
  • REUSABLE DECORATION: If you choose to invest in Halloween decoration, avoid those that are made of plastic and opt for a decoration made of durable natural materials that you can use again and again in the coming years.

Eco Friendly Treats

  • RECYCLABLE CANDY PACKAGING: if you are going to offer candy, choose those that have the cardboard / recyclable packaging.
  • FRUIT: Before you think of "lameeee" while reading this idea, give me a chance. I have eaten funny and witty fruit treats like tangerines or mini ghost bananas. If you get the fruit to acquire a fun way, then it feels less "lameee". And frankly, just writing this made me start wanting to eat one of those goodies!
  • SMALL GIFTS: Instead of candy, choose to distribute sustainable gifts. Some of the ideas we give you are the following: mini paper puzzles, small hemp bracelets, seeds, polished rocks, crayons, sidewalk chalk, among other gifts that can occur to you, you know that you can be very original if you want.
  • DISPOSAL OF PLASTIC PUMPKIN: avoid buying a plastic pumpkin. Instead, you can draw or print pumpkin shapes in a reusable canvas bag or color an old white pillowcase with vegetable dye.

Eco Friendly Costumes

  • SAVINGS: Purchases in thrift stores are an option. What better occasion than Halloween? If you can't find the exact parts you need in stores in your area, try searching sites like Ebay for accessory offers.
  • DIY: if you use materials of sustainable and easily recyclable origin, such as paper, cardboard or cotton to make your decoration, you can share some ecological ideas of DIY Halloween costumes with us.
  • FACE PAINT: if your costume requires it, choose an organic face paint or make your own face paint, you will find video tutorials on the internet with simple recipes.

Other ideas? Leave them in the comments!