Eco-friendly Christmas decoration alternatives

Christmas is a time to celebrate and be with the family, so it is difficult to be a Scrooge that asks people to have less time in the air conditioning, to recycle glass bottles, such as champagne, and use the newspaper to wrap Christmas gifts. Fortunately, there are many eco-friendly Christmas decoration alternatives that will make you look like a party lover. Here are some ideas that are perfect, cost-effective and have less impact on the environment:

LED Christmas Lights

LEDs (light emitting diodes) are environmentally friendly lights that consume less energy and last much longer than other lights. Instead of unraveling lots of Christmas lights, it can be very interesting to invest in LED Christmas lights this year. LED fairy lights are available in a variety of colors, such as green, red and gold, so you can find lights that match your other Christmas decorations. You can take a look at a lot of online stores to see the fairy lights with a variety of LED shapes and colors.

Wood from the Rockefeller Plaza tree is donated to Habitat for Humanity after it is removed on New Year's Day.

A mythical tree to consider is the famous Rockefeller Plaza Tree in New York, as it is one of the most famous international landmarks, and in which LED lights are also used: this huge tree has 30,000 LED bulbs distributed in 8 kilometers of cable. Since the tree went from incandescent bulbs to LEDs in 2007, the energy consumption of the lights has decreased from 3,510 kilowatts per day to 1,297 khd. Another green initiative that we want to mention, is that the wood of the tree is used to furnish the constructions of the house for Habitat for Humanity after it retires on New Year's Day.

Another option to use the fairy lights are the lights of fairies that work with solar energy, which will provide a bright garden throughout the year without using energy, except for the natural energy provided by the sun. You can find a variety of shops where you can find solar powered fairy lights that are waterproof, so they are great for your garden, and can provide light up to 40 hours once they are fully charged.

Eco-friendly wreaths

Crowns for Christmas decoration are very famous in the United States, but the problem is that they are made with plastic, so it would be a good alternative, and more respectful to the environment, the use of crowns of plants and natural flowers to decorate your front door.

You can find many stores that offer you a wide variety of ideas and different types of ecological crowns, ranging from fresh and wood-look crowns (made of green Granny Smith apples and pineapples) to the use of old ties to create colored crowns. You can explore the different catalogs offered by online stores and your neighborhood or shopping centers, to get ideas.

Sustainable christmas tree

Christmas tree options

There are many people who think that buying a plastic Christmas tree is an environmentally friendly option, because they use the logic that can be reused every year, but do not take into account that the obvious disadvantage is that Christmas trees of plastic are, well, plastic. Instead of discussing these arguments, in this article we leave you some new ecological ideas of Christmas trees to try:

  • Buy your Christmas tree at a tree farm that carries out sustainable practices;
  • Another alternative is to buy a living tree that you can replant after Christmas. You just have to remember that a living tree should be kept at cool temperatures, and that it should receive a lot of sunlight. If your intention is to later be able to replant your tree after Christmas, try not to keep it inside for more than a week. There are companies that are dedicated to relentlessly, you can contact them.
  • Recycle your tree after Christmas. Here you can find some very interesting ideas: Mix the needles of the tree with cinnamon sticks, eucalyptus and essential oils to make potpourri; saw the trunk of his Christmas tree to create round wooden plates that can be used as improvised furniture for his garden; He saw the trunk in smaller circles to make coasters.
  • Another interesting alternative is to make your own Christmas tree with discarded plastic bottles, glass bottles or old newspapers. Investigate the different options you can make to make incredible looking Christmas trees that have been made with recycled materials.

Donโ€™t give gifts that need batteries

Buying toys and games that work with batteries is tempting, but you have to consider the amount of pollution that old batteries cause before buying these kinds of gifts. The batteries are not biodegradable and contain toxic chemicals. One option to try to solve this problem is to give people rechargeable batteries along with the toy that runs on batteries, but if possible, avoid these gifts completely.

Rent where you can

Every year, many of us go out and buy new Christmas decorations, centerpieces and expensive porcelain to impress the guests. But we can rent these types of items, which will save us money and space. Visit your nearest party store for information on the rental of themed table decorations during the Christmas period.