Reach the top of the real estate market

This is the main goal of any self-respecting real estate agent looking to succeed in the industry. Along the way, you will encounter thousands of obstacles and difficulties that must be overcome, but most agents have a mentor in their agency that can guide them along the way.

Boost your sales

This is just one part of the total pie that an agent needs to consider to advance his career and boost his business. Here we leave you:

1. Don't Sell

When someone feels or discovers that they have been "sold", it is likely to bother the seller.

When we are dealing with real estate, in particular, the work an agent must do is not sell. We should facilitate and train our customers. When someone feels or discovers that they have been "sold", it is likely to bother the seller. Instead, give advice, educate and keep clients thinking about the priority of achieving the goals that were described to you. In this way it puts the needs of the client ahead of the needs of the agent.

2. Create Value

When we think primarily about creating value for others, we build trust with our audience.

The best advice I have received in my career has been that I must create value. When we think primarily about creating value for others, we build trust with our audience. This trust will become, as it is for me, the largest single asset in your portfolio. Thanks to this, great opportunities have been achieved within our industry and it has fostered, and will continue to foster, some wonderful relationships with customers.

3. Work Hard And Be Honest

One thing must be clear, the main key to success is simple: work hard and be honest. You cannot pretend to know all the answers when you do not have them, because in real estate, your best asset is the reputation you create. Make sure your clients get the right response to act accordingly. Never, never lie.

Make sure your clients get the right response to act accordingly. Never, never lie.

4. Offer Multiple Options

Be a trusted counselor for your clients. By presenting multiple options to a potential client, you can give them a guide to get the best option for them instead of pressing them on a single option that does not suit what they need. We often tell people that our solution is not right for them, and we could lose a sale as a result, but in return the trust we build with people, to be honest with them, generates more long-term value than any individual sale.

5. Be Human

Most of the training of real estate agents in sales focuses on getting the client to do what we need. Sign the contract, thus obtaining the sale. But it's not about that. We are fiduciaries, so our main responsibility is to serve the client. When the objectives that matter are ours and not those of the clients, it shows. Trust is degraded When we begin the relationship with the client with the mentality of helping him reach his goals, we generate trust. To serve.

6. Hit Whatever Is Thrown Your Way

Another advice is to develop an attitude of "I do not care". This advice is often given by many trainers. If you are having trouble hitting the ball on the field because you are trying to know how you are going to throw the ball, I advise you what the coaches say: Develop an attitude of "I do not care what the pitcher throws, I'm going to hit him! " The advice applies to sales: Do not worry about the challenges that come your way: you must solve everything.

7. Strive To Create Equity

Paying a rent will never become a equity, but you will buy a property, and you can borrow against your real estate property to grow any other business. Investing in a property can help you invest in education, training, real estate and business.

8. Be Obsessed Or Be Average

Be obsessed. That's it, you have to be obsessed with your client getting your product or service in the best possible way. You have to be obsessed with providing the highest level of service and satisfaction, with solving your problems and growing your business in the process. Most sellers simply lack sincerity and obsession, but to be a good real estate agent you must be obsessed.

9. Always Be Willing To Help

Your mentality should always be to help people. If you are willing to help people with your knowledge, skills or experience in the sector, you will be the first to have them in mind when they need professional services or as a reference. Your reputation is built with the things you do, not with what you say.

10. Listen And Learn

Being a good listener and having patience in listening to your customers is key to the success of sales. Listening shows you that you care, it makes it possible for you to understand what the true needs and desires of the potential client are, which will help you frame how to provide a solution. Sometimes, prospects simply need to convince themselves. In those cases, they just need you to listen to them and validate what they say.

11. Provide Direct Solutions To Clients' Challenges

The biggest barrier to the success of getting a client is the distraction that prevents you from reaching your goals. One of the most difficult barriers includes real estate development. Show how the services you offer can eliminate the barriers that complicate the transaction is essential to close the sale.

12. Ensure Constant Contact And Communication

Nobody knows that you exist until the consumer sees you and discovers you. You have to convince yourself that you are the best advertising poster for your brand. Constant contact, communication and publicity, your name or brand is the only way for the consumer to know that you exist. You have to spend money on advertising to make money. If you keep your name silent, nobody will know that your brand exists or what your real estate services company offers. The advertising dollars are equal to the benefits.

13. Activity Drives Results

The more calls you make, the more networking events you attend, the more monitoring you will do and the better your sales results will be. Keep track of your activities and you can see that it is reduced with respect to the amount you are generating in real sales. Meetings and brainstorming sessions are the best ideas, but the activities you do directly relate to generating new business will boost sales.