USGBC is an organization whose main objective is to unite us for sustainability.

We believe that the biggest investment we can make is to achieve a more sustainable world, and the USGBC is an organization whose main objective is to unite us for sustainability.

That's why USGBC is a diverse and inclusive family of builders and other green professionals from around the world. It is a movement of real estate leaders, governments, developers, contractors, architects, engineers, educators, innovators and companies that work to build healthy, efficient and equitable communities for all.

When you join this family, you are part of a global platform that encourages business like yours. You will be able to access opportunities in the industry and promote the latest innovative and sustainable practices in construction, all with the help and collaboration of almost 12,000 members and organizations.

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With more than seven billion square feet of LEED-certified space today, the sustainable movement extends from schools and hospitals, to landmarks and new buildings, to homes and even entire cities. There are more than 200,000 LEED professionals within the WGBC community, and they have a list of more than 94,000 projects in 167 countries and territories around the world, certified and registered ecological buildings. In addition to LEED, USGBC members also support various programs and initiatives to advance our global mission.

In addition to the above, members receive exclusive discounts on LEED, Greenbuild and other green building events, as well as access to USGBC education courses and LEED AP and LEED Green Associate accreditation activities.

We believe it is important to become members of organizations that help us build better environments for all, and in this way to help advance the mission of organizations like, the global mission of creating a sustainable and lasting world. Membership is offered for organizations at four levels: Organization, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Become part of this important moment and write the next extraordinary chapter of this movement.

When you get involved with an organization like the USGBC and promote your sustainable projects in a platform like, we will achieve an extraordinary future, obtaining the benefit of the triple result: people, planet, profits.

Together, we can get closer to the resources that technology offers us, refine the LEED rating system, build better communities with new and existing buildings, increase our work in residential sectors and help diversify our family.

LEED certified buildings save money by using less energy and water, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and offering a healthier indoor environment for occupants, reducing sick days and increasing productivity. By joining these types of organizations, we can guarantee that these buildings save money and support public health for all.

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The green building industry will generate about $200 billion in labor earnings by the end of 2018. And, of course, with more than 40 percent of LEED activity performed internationally, there are even more opportunities for growth and savings globally. Together, we can grow the green economy for all.

The USGBC community implements a global vision of a regional and local level. In addition to being part of the organization to which we feel united to support local communities, individuals can also join any of the local communities to lead, educate, engage and empower the community to build ecologically. Let's all make a difference.