Being a member of the SFC Organization will give prestige to your company

Before I talk about the benefits of being a member of the SFC, I think we should talk about what the SFC is. The SFC is the abbreviation that refer to The Sustainable Furnishings Council. Sustainability is something that, until a few years ago, people didnā€™t have in mind. Luckily for the planet though, that is changing.

Today, little by little more people are joining the "ecofriendly movement" and helping the planet to breathe better, but we do not believe that it is enough. We fully believe that we must all contribute our bit to the sustainability and care of the planet.

We fully believe that we must all contribute our bit to the sustainability and care of the planet.

That is why you should be a members of the Official Organization of the SFC. It is an organization that certainly helps the environment. It aims to reduce the unnecessary felling of trees and by recycling materials to create new sustainable furniture.

It is an idea that should be copied around the planet, because if we all did out part, the achievement would be much greater. This isnā€™t only to use recycle materials to make new furniture, but also worry about the materials used for decoration.

We think that they should be materials that respect the environment, that cause practically no or the least possible amount of contamination. the least possible or practically nothing. All this is the best so that we can live longer on and in harmony with the planet.

Mother Earth, until a few years ago, has been very respectful and supportive of us, its inhabitants. But we have been ungrateful and little by little we are killing her. The fact that so many natural catastrophes are happening is not accidental. It's not normal. They are warnings that Mother Earth sends us so that we can help her breathe. It is running out of natural resources; running out of oxygen.

It is for all these statements that being a SFC Membership has so many benefits for you.

For both companies that are dedicated to the sale of decorative items and furniture as well as for the consumer. We can both benefit the planet.

The consumer helps create a much more respectful and clean environment. And the employer has many advantages for the sale of their products. So joining the ecological movement has only advantages.

Having the SFC Membership stamp will let consumers know that you work with sustainable materials. That you collaborate with the environment. Little by little everything will change and the day will come when only sustainably sourced furniture and decoration will be marketed for the planet.

With this movement we try to re-educate the population. That we educate each other for a better planet. To give back to Mother Earth all that she has given us and make sure that the planet does not die. We are helping to regenerate the planet so that our children and grandchildren have a rejuvenated world. This is not a passing fad, it is the future.

Make ECO friendly furniture and be a member

Many will ask how recycled home furniture and decoration is made. The truth is that there are plenty of ways to recycle. If we look online we will find thousands of tutorials, but the importance of creating controlled felling forests is one of the "ecofriendly" ideas you will find.

All this is born of the importance of reducing CO2 emissions on the planet. If we stop to think a little, there are so many industries that are not stopped from emitting noxious gases. Gases that are not only harmful to the planet but also harmful to us. Every time we breathe it gets worse, nowadays there are more respiratory diseases and cancers. All this has one factor in common, the emission of CO2 gases.

That is why they should continue to planting forests and never stop planting trees. We must not stop giving oxygen to the planet and planting trees is the best way to combat CO2 emissions. The more forests there are, the more oxygen is emitted, the cleaner the air is, the less pollution there is and we will get back to health in a positive way. We all win, both the planet and its inhabitants, and not only humans, but also animals.

Respecting the environment is very important, that is why controlled tree felling is carried out for the realization of sustainable furniture.

This way we guarantee that there is always oxygen. Some of the woods with which sustainable furniture and decoration are made are pine, beech and hevea wood. They are trees that grow fast and have good wood for the manufacturing of objects.

So that you feel completely comfortable with this movement, the company in charge of cutting down trees is always asked for a certificate of sustainability. Likewise, the manufacturer will also be asked. In this way you will have your certification that your furniture is 100% sustainable and you are contributing to a regenerated and sustainable world.

Nature, without contaminating or chemical products, gives us everything we need to live well. If you have ever had the idea that since its an Ā“ecoĀ“ product, you will not be able to clean, do not worry. There are natural elements that help us to clean them For example: lemon, baking soda, olive oil, vinegar and one of the greatest treasures on the planet, water.

If even after all this that I have told you, you still are not convinced about a SFC Membership, let me tell you a little bit more. By becoming aSFC Member, you are given the possibility to make your website a unique and exclusive site. You will have a badge that can be seen on your website. SFC membership will make your logo part of a community so that your furniture becomes known. In sustainable furniture conventions or exhibitions where furniture is sold you can boast belonging to a sustainable community. SFC membership can be put on the tent, labels, bottles, brochures and so on.

Any place you can imagine will help people to know that your business is sustainable. That you collaborate with and contribute towards making the planet a renewed place. To leave a much cleaner and better place for our children.

Do not think twice and join The SFC and become a member. Help Mother Earth, save lives.