Users can consult, free of charge, the sheets prepared by the members of the virtual sustainable community on different topics: from solutions for saving energy at home, to specific products and services applicable to various professions such as contractors, installers of renewable energy solutions, not to mention the real estate agents who list houses with a sustainability certificate.

Nattiam gathers in one place online all the information, which is now divided in the network, so that anyone looking for a sustainable solution for their home, or for the professional who needs the collaboration with another qualified professional in sustainability, will not have problems finding it in an online showcase designed for professionals who believe in sustainability, an online platform today thought for the future. is a project that an architect and businessman embarked on almost three years ago, putting a lot of effort and enthusiasm into the development of a project in which he believes, and which will become a visionary project within the construction, renovation and real estate sector, if we really want to have a future in this world.

Its objective is to function as a page of advice and inspiration for the sustainable reforms and constructions of all those who visit it, as well as a place where professionals will find expert collaborators in services and projects that respect the environment. They will also be able to contact real estate agents who have listed the sustainable houses they have for sale. That is to say, it is the page par excellence, specialized in sustainable information, thus capturing the attention of all users interested in new practices, products and services that are friendly to the environment.

Thus, thanks to an investment of more than $ 200,000.00, this incredible platform of professionals specialized in the environment will soon be available in the United States.

Nattiam platform home

Users can upload for free their profile as a sustainable professional, creating an account specifying the professional category they have, and upload projects, houses and sustainable services in an unlimited way, so they will be part of a great sustainable community.

The website also presents a series of solutions for sustainable and supportive professionals that bring ecological, economic or social value to the community. As the dissemination of sustainable services and houses will create awareness and get the leads or contacts needed to significantly increase their sustainable income.

It also has a blog with tips on how to reuse materials, sustainable decoration, sustainable construction and building techniques, among other ecological issues.

It allows search by categories and preferences

The search engine also allows you to track information by profession, and then you can filter by category and area, and sort by price, name or title.

It also provides a space for users to rate the results achieved, write comments on the profiles of professionals, and recommend products on social networks.

This initiative also aims to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by at least 1%, and to become one of the main collaborative meeting points at a global level between corporations, professionals, technology centres and citizens on environmental issues.