If we take into account the materials used in the shipment of the ordered products, a question comes to mind: do emissions increase if the shipment takes more than two days?

In this article we will discuss these issues, but what we really want is to offer some easy ideas to implement to reduce the environmental impact of your online store. Implementing ecology is not only good for the environment, it is also important for all the actors on the planet.

Below you can read options that will make you think about what will resonate in the audience. And if you see that it is possible to apply one of the following strategies, you can reduce the environmental footprint of your company and make customers feel good at the same time.

Sell eco-friendly products

The most effective way to run an organic store is to sell products that have a minimal negative impact on the environment. When putting it into practice we know that it is not easy, and that most likely you have already marked your collection of products, but you need to understand the environmental impact of your store. For this, look closely at your products and answer the following questions:

  • Are the products you commercialize biodegradable?
  • Do these reduce post-consumer waste? Could your products be reused or recycled?
  • Are they durable or single-use?
  • Are they manufactured with organic materials? As, for example, organic cotton, which require less chemicals.
  • Do your products help customers reduce emissions?

If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, it's great, but if it's not, consider looking for providers to help you answer those questions with a yes.

Source materials from local suppliers

If you manufacture your products, you will have already done extensive research on the suppliers of sustainable materials available. You must also analyze the price, quality and reputation, but if you are interested in ecology, do not forget to take into account where they are.

Requesting products from local suppliers is good for the environment and for business. Partnering with local businesses means that you can:

  • Check the materials before buying them.
  • Establish a more humane and close relationship with suppliers.
  • Keeps the money in your local economy.

Give back to a green cause

One of the best ecological movements you can do is to unite your brand with an environmental organization, which will make customers feel good about buying your products, since they know that part of their money will be allocated to a good environmental cause. Statistics support this, since 90% of Americans are more likely to buy brands that support social causes.

Statistics support this, since 90% of Americans are more likely to buy brands that support social causes.

It is important to know how to choose an organization that aligns with the values of your brand and resonates with your audience.

Use reusable (or up-cyclable) packaging

When it comes to the environment, one of the causes that can generate waste in electronic commerce is the amount of packaging involved. It has happened to all of us that our package arrives, we opened a box of modest size, we took out a handful of bubble wrap and found another box that could have been shipped easily without all that extra packaging.

Fragile box on a hand

One of the reasons is that it is not prudent to show what you are sending by sending it by mail in its original packaging. That would be a pirate's dream.

It is true that most containers are recyclable, but recycling it consumes a large amount of energy, and unfortunately, many of the recycled materials end up in landfills.

Remember the old adage, reduce, reuse, recycle? As you can see, it appears first reduce and reuse first, and it is for this reason.

If you cannot reduce the packaging, consider what your packaging could be reused for.

Promote eco-friendliness on your products

It is important to use materials that respect the environment and promote respect for it through their products, but also remember that you must promote that quality of your products.

We all have a friend who always talks about his training at Crossfit or who will let you know that they are vegans at every opportunity they have. There is a reason why they do it and it is that doing Crossfit and practicing veganism are good things to tell your friends.

The same happens with the promotion of ecology in their products. If the environment is important to your customers, it is best to show that your brand respects it.

Analyze your shipping efficiency

One of the most negative environmental impacts, but that is also inevitable, within electronic commerce, are the emissions produced by the shipment. Between 1990 and 2013, the activity in the shipment grew by more than 50 percent and it is expected to double by 2040. It is evident that it is unlikely that its contribution to these emissions will be mitigated completely, but we must also take into account The steps you can take to minimize them.

Taking action

As we have seen, the reach of electronic commerce and its impact on the environment is enormous, but it does not have to start using pigeons to send their products. That is not realistic.

Instead, analyze your business and how you might perform implementations of some of the ideas in this publication in your everyday practices. From there, take note of what works and what does not, and adjust your ecological strategy accordingly.

Are you doing some more actions to make your online store greener? Let us know in the comments!