When these sustainable living trends are used in a dominant way, it will mean that everyone will benefit. Companies will start making better products with less plastic, governments will implement regulations to ban harmful chemicals, etc. Humans, mothers, fathers, consumers, habitats on this Earth, we will all benefit! You can see these 6 trends in sustainable living. It will become the new normal in the future!

1. Shift towards REDUCING

We have always been taught that recycling is the right thing, right? Well be clear, recycling will be one of the answers to all our plastic problems. But, guess what... not the most important, reducing is the most sustainable option and now people are starting to reduce. Our way of consuming is changing, which means that we want to waste less, have high quality products and reduce our total consumption. If you want to be sustainable, then reducing will allow you to be so.

2. Sharing Goods and Services

We are becoming a community that increasingly engages in shared activities. Think about sharing travel and urban agriculture. Owning products is not as important as having access to those products. There are many new websites that focus on exchanging with others, such as high-end bags and shoes. Instead of owning these things, you can "rent" them instead. Essentially share with a community of like-minded people!

3 changing our home behaviors

Today, we are more aware than ever about our environmental impact by using energy and water in an uncontrolled way. To avoid this, we use more products that help us in our daily lives to reduce our impact on energy. We are more focused, from an individual level, on being more efficient in our homes. This trend will continue with the smarter technologies to come in the future!

4. City Transportation is Changing

If you live or have visited a large metropolitan area lately, you will have seen some new ways to get around the city. Temporary rental of Scooters, urban bicycles and electric vehicles, light rails are some new forms of transportation that you can find in a city, although they do not stop growing. With new technology and new support from city leaders, these transportation trends will surely increase.

5. Growth in Health Initiatives

Lately there has been a goal in our purchases to obtain better quality ingredients in our food, more organic, less meat, without flavors or artificial preservatives. These initiatives will continue to grow, in fact, people will demand more of these foods to improve their health and well-being. It will still be necessary to find a way to feed the growing population in a more sustainable way.

6. People

We cannot forget the new trends in sustainable life of change in how people think now. We are more educated and informed about climate change, and we are looking for answers to avoid it. People want better options in products, energy, health. We are demanding more from our politicians and leaders and from the companies in which we buy products or services. Children are on strike around this world and are talking to do something about their future. This trend has nowhere to go but up!

These trends and others that respect the environment are our only future, in order to care for the world in which we live. That we all come together to help grow these trends will be the key to fighting climate change and living a more sustainable life. Follow these trends and follow me to help you build your sustainable lifestyle!