Halloween Decorating Ideas

We know that you have already bought or are thinking of buying the decoration so that the exterior of your house on Halloween is the best, but have you thought about how to bring that macabre decoration to the interior?

Allhallows Eve

The decoration in black and orange with pumpkins and other "horrible" elements create a perfect Halloween atmosphere. It is the necessary balance between playful and a little spooky.

To make your home decorated as a traditional Halloween place, it is necessary to start with some pumpkins. You can opt for the false pumpkins, since they have the advantage that you can save them and use them again, but the real ones. If your intention is to buy false pumpkins, but you want to carve them, you have to make sure you get the holes.

The next step is to think about how you can combine the palette of orange and black colors with other elements. The textiles work very well (pillows, blankets, napkins, etc.) and can be easily removed after finishing Halloween. Finish the look with a piece of art on the wall or some coffee cups that perfectly represent the Halloween theme, and you will get a great refuge in the paradise of Allhallows Eve.

Bone Chilling

Do you have a more minimalist or less traditional style, but still want to be part of this Halloween? This could be the right decoration for you. The color palette focuses on white and metallic tones, which adapt well to a modern environment.

Skeletons, skulls and bones will be the perfect replacement for traditional flashlights, ghouls and witches, while keeping that playful and creepy feeling.

If you think that a jeweled skull or skeleton hand jewelry is too cheesy for your taste, I encourage you to try something a little more seasonal, such as white or cream-colored pumpkins, instead of traditional oranges.

Haunted Mansion

Are you planning a Halloween dinner with your friends or family, or do you just want the place where they meet to sit directly outside of "Hocus Pocus"? A haunted mansion theme could do the trick!

The key to this decoration is to use objects that look old and make them look creepy. The decoration of the table with ornate wine glasses, misted or old chandeliers create that traditional aesthetic, of an old castle. If you combine these objects with dark colors and jewel tones you will make the room look like a Gothic and historic home.

You can also use old Halloween masks or costumes and place them on tables or shelves for a spooky touch.

Use textured fabrics such as velvet or silk, and if you do not want to use real silk, you can use gauze. You can even dye it the color of the rest of the decoration to match it.

Sustainable Halloween picture

The Harvest

Do not you want to use traditional Halloween aesthetics, but still love this holiday? Cover the house with harvest pieces. Cozy blankets and wooden lanterns make your home look like the perfect refuge for fall.

Participate in Halloween fun using pumpkins. They can be used as vases, in addition, pumpkin patterns are also perfect impressions for cushions or tapestries.

A harvest color palette is formed by warm tones such as burnt orange, golden yellow, brick red, brown, tan and cream. If you decide to use, a fresher approach, you can resort to navy blue, green and white, but remember that combining colors with natural elements such as wood, wheat and acorns will improve the environment of autumn.

Black Out

Last but not least, you can always use a completely black style. It is dark and spooky, which is perfect for this time of year. Always remember that black is inherently a whimsical color, you can keep a simple style in your pieces and still create a gothic feel.

Always remember that black is inherently a whimsical color, you can keep a simple style in your pieces and still create a gothic feel.

One way you can get this done is with black candles. Gather some black, candles of different heights and place them on a shelf or use them as a centerpiece. Instant moody vibes!

For the rest of the space, you can use more sophisticated dark pieces, such as a black marble skull or a black leather blanket. These objects achieve a modern space, but at the same time dark.