This year, global sustainability trends are taking a significant role. In many cases, they will not realize immediately, but with others it will be impossible not to become aware, since not only will they be emphasized in the media, but also in our daily life.

1. Sustainable Vehicle Automation

Climate concerns are growing more and more, so does the attention paid to global carbon emissions. It is evident that automobiles and trucks make a great contribution to these emissions, but much progress is being made in the restructuring of the automotive industry to avoid it. Electric vehicles go down to zero emissions, and options expand, gaining great popularity, a trend that will only gain strength next year.

Electric vehicles go down to zero emissions, and options expand, gaining great popularity, a trend that will only gain strength next year.

Currently, several countries are working to ban fossil fuel cars within the next 25 years and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has projected that self-driving vehicles could replace 90% of vehicles in the streets of cities.

2. Consumers and technology will make headway in reducing plastic pollution

Wanting to address the problem we have with plastic is something that many organizations, corporations, activists, governments and individuals have been doing for years. What will be the new trend in the plastic battle of 2019? The answer is in what dictates the consumer who is currently more informed, and changes in the plastic technology.

big polluted city

Because plastic is a material with a small cost since it can be used in many environments, it is very unlikely that plastic debris will disappear by December 31, 2019. What should happen is a change in the way it works. Consumers use the plastic and pressure they will continue to exert on governments to create policies that make access to single-use plastics less.

If the plastic is here to stay, it must evolve to prevent it from becoming a danger to the environment. The chemical recycling technology, with which plastic waste is recycled, will experience a dramatic increase in 2019, largely thanks to the Chinese National Program. The industry has been flooded with dirty plastic waste, but progress is being made, and will continue next year, to work on the construction of large-scale waste plants, which can handle the hundreds of tons per day of plastic waste that will be produced and are currently produced.

3. Sustainable Farming

If there is an issue in which in 2019 sustainable efforts must be made, and can have a great impact, it is agriculture. In recent years the way we produce food has been put into focus, and interest in this has been growing to ensure that the growth process is as beneficial for the land as it is for our tables.

The Internet of things, remote sensing, artificial intelligence and a revolution in robotics are joining forces to make automated agriculture based on data and low inputs the trend from now on. This could be good news for a more efficient use of water, decrease the waste produced in agriculture, and even improve crops in the coming years.

4. Increase in sustainable building materials

From 2016 to 2018 it was very clear that it can be done in an ecological way, and we must all be aware of it, and 2019 will not be different. While the parcel and everyday materials have been made responsible changes towards biodegradable, compostable and fully recyclable options in this last period, but the construction industry still has a way to go, and must continue striving to reach new heights sustainable in 2019.

If we carry out an analysis of the construction and demolition industry, it is important to guarantee that we use the technology to face the massive challenge of cleaning, waste and recycling. Nowadays, there are great advances to carry out an adequate cleaning of the waste generated in the construction, apart from doing what we have been doing for 50 years and calling the garbage company. Educating the public and private sectors about modern possibilities is vital to change old habits.

In addition, the lack of facilities that are dedicated, in the proper way to recycle construction materials and demolition, is still to be improved. Each product that is recycled should have its own container to avoid cross contamination. The scenario that is taking place is the most propitious so that coordination and logistics are more important for users and suppliers, so embracing technology could be a catalyst for change in 2019 and beyond.

5. Increased social action and education around sustainability

We are playing a lot on the planet, and 2019 could be a very important year, as the effects of our behavior, increasingly connected as a joint venture, rises to a new level and we are leading to a significant positive change. Change can be difficult, but we are and must show that it does not have to be something we cannot achieve. In the past, we have achieved great things as a society when we work together and in 2019 we expect to see great changes.

A clear example is that we should see a growing number of organizations that include as a necessary goal to obtain the status of B Corporation, increase the number of Green Building LEED Certifications that they have, in addition cities must include prohibitions on plastic for single use, and changes in global policies aimed at making pollution almost impossible.

The corporations must obtain the status of B Corporation and increase the number of Green Building LEED Certifications.

We must also make more commitments to sustainability within small businesses and people, through more responsible recycling practices. These efforts, to achieve greater energy efficiency and to educate ourselves more about sustainable initiatives in local communities, must be our day to day.