Tips to make eco friendly decisions in your Christmas shopping

If what you want is to alleviate the unbridled consumerism, and save the natural resources of the planet, without being a Scrooge at Christmas. In this article we leave you the cockle-warming tips for a greener festive season.


Be creative and give crafts or homemade foods, these are lovely alternatives to things bought in the store. Or, if you really want to cut back on consumerism, why not offer to do something good for someone?

1. Eco-friendly gifts

If you're shopping for gifts, look for stores that have a fabulous ecological range of cards, calendars or seasonal gifts, such as a range of organic clothing made in factories powered by renewable energy. So you can do all your festive shopping while supporting friendly companies on Earth.

You can do all your festive shopping while supporting friendly companies on Earth.

There are also many options to save with gift coupons, so you can let your friends or family choose their own gift.

2. Christmas Bee Saver Kit

You can make a donation at the same time you buy a gift thanks to the Christmas bees saving kit. This gift for the holiday season includes wrapping paper and cards, and everything you need to become a bee savior.

It is the perfect gift for friends, family or for yourself. More if you can also help save the bees.

3. Wool and the Gang

This Christmas joins the creative movement. With this movement you knit, help the planet and you will feel great. There are currently several brands that are dedicated to making a luxurious yarn made entirely of recycled wool that would otherwise end up in a landfill. In addition to buying a recycled product also helps the planet earth, as these stores make donations for every purchase you make. It is the perfect gift for you and your loved ones, to create a beautiful fashion with low environmental impact.

4. Liforme

For yoga fans. What do you think of as a gift a revolutionary 100% biodegradable yoga mat? These yoga mats are made of sustainable natural rubber and a specially designed non-toxic polyurethane. It is a perfect gift designed by yogis for yogis.

These brands make donations of each sale of their range of mats that are environmentally aware.

5. Free gifts

Why spend money? We assure you that it is not necessary. You just have to promise to do something good for that special person. You can create free Christmas gift checks by hand, they are a lovely way to make your time the thing that counts


Why not try to reduce the consumption of meat this Christmas, at least for a few days of the holiday break? According to the Soil Association, "food is the most important and daily way that people have to reduce their own environmental impact." Here are some alternative holiday food tips to help you buy food for a feast that respects the Earth.

Food is the most important and daily way that people have to reduce their own environmental impact.

6. Vegetarian and vegan recipes

Why not be generous with turkeys at Christmas? And if it is an action that is also good for you, why not do it? Nowadays, vegetables do not have to mean tortillas, cheese salads or risottos, which are unattractive foods for Christmas, they can be more elaborate recipes. Or it does not even have to be the standard nut roast for vegans at Christmas.

Take a look at the Vegetarian Society, or to many other associations or websites that offer you a large number of options. And there are some tastier holiday treats even than the typical Christmas meal, including foods containing vegan brandy butter and even vegan eggnog.

7. Organic meat

If for you it is too much not to eat meat at Christmas, try to choose organic meat and that the animal has been raised in freedom. In addition to this form you are supporting small-scale agriculture in many cases.

It may be a little more expensive, but it is better to buy less meat, than more cheap meat and intensive farming. There are many companies that run reliable organic delivery schemes and offer packages of seasonal vegetables, meat and dairy.

In the event that you indulge in the excesses of meat this season, you can compensate for this greed by eating less meat for a time after Christmas. Eating less, but better meat would be a great New Year's resolution.

8. Cut food waste

When buying food, try to choose those that are light in the package, although the best solution is to buy loose items.

And if you end up buying excess food, you can share it. Another option when you cook too much and you have plenty is to share them with friends or family, or you can use it to create new meals, save money and reduce waste. There are many web pages where you can get recipes and ideas for new dishes from leftovers, or challenge your family to suggest recipes with everything you have in the fridge.

Classic winter dishes like turkey pie and bubble and squeak are perfect for making the most of your leftovers, not to mention Brussels sprout curry.

If you have too many leftovers, see what you can freeze, or another great idea would be to donate a bit to an elderly neighbor, a local food bank or a soup kitchen.

9. Merrier mulled wine

If you are at home as a host, entertaining friends, wine are a great festive gift, but the important thing is to try to find organic and vegan wines for the most sustainable options.


Most of us love this time of year because of the festive decoration and the elegant wrap, and who does not like to receive Christmas cards? But the research suggests that because of these Christmas trends the waste of paper during this period is equivalent to between 5 and 12 million liters of biofuel, more than enough for a bus to go to the moon 20 times.

An activity to avoid this is to recycle or make your own Christmas decorations, becoming a great excuse to have fun and keep children occupied, if there is one nearby.

You can make decorative elements by being creative with dried fruit peel, pineapples, Christmas tree clippings and the like.

10. Scarf folding and other green gift wrapping

Someone, somewhere had the ingenious idea of ​​using a scarf to wrap a gift, and the result that generated this idea was quite surprising, since there is an original wrapper and that you can use, since it is a scarf.

Another alternative is to use newspapers or magazines that you have saved to recycle, the more colorful the better.If you do not like to fold, a reusable cloth bag decorated with cutouts from old Christmas cards would be a great idea to place under the Christmas tree.

11. Cut your card footprint

According to research, we throw thousands and thousands of millions of Christmas cards in the world.

To avoid that, electronic cards (sent online) are the best alternative. In this way you eliminate part of your carbon footprint, save trees and save money; You can research online, the number of free electronic cards offered by Friends of the Earth.

If, on the other hand, you still prefer to buy paper cards, you can look for a range of eco-friendly and environmentally friendly cars.

12. Rainbow Christmas tree

Rainbow Christmas trees will probably be the biggest decorating trend of 2018. But how can you get this rainbow look in an ecological way? An alternative to colored synthetic trees is to create paper chains from recycled colored paper.

You must be very observant with the material that decorations are made for your tree, many standard decorations, such as mesh and brightness, are made of plastic, often PVC. They are hardly friendly to the environment.

On a brighter note, you can find stores that have some fair trade Christmas decorations that are respectful of the environment:

  • Sustainable decorative fillet.
  • Glass ornaments reused.

If you are using fairy lights, you must make sure you buy LED lights: they are the most energy efficient. And you can have them on just a period of time in the day, so they are not lit all the time.

13. Have a DIY crafty Christmas

Do you want to create your own edible Christmas decorations, a homemade Advent calendar or even make with your own hands a natural Christmas wreath with ecofriendly or recycled materials?

Leisure and travel

Find some fun things to do, and most of them are free, during the holiday break, and have a minimum cost to the environment.

14. Festival winter walks and events

A great example is finding resources, such as online websites that offer groups or local routes to walk. Another very economical and fun alternative is to look for information on ice rides through the beautiful lakes of the United States. There are websites where you can check full calendar of activities and festive events at Christmas, in some of the most impressive parks and places in the United States.

15. Share transport

Make Christmas trips greener by sharing car trips for Christmas shopping with friends and family. Use public transport or buy online and get bulk deliveries.

16. Get on your bike

Turn your Christmas vacation into a green getaway. In your city or the city you want to visit on vacation, you're sure to find many wonderful outdoor cycling opportunities. There are companies that are dedicated to creating scenic routes for day trips or long weekend breaks.