Simple Things you can do to Reduce your Plastic Pollution Footprint

The problem of plastic pollution in the world has become a source of global concern in recent years. Especially in these last months with all the images that we are seeing in the media. Of the 6 billion tons of plastic that we have produced since the 1950s, only about 9% has been recycled effectively.

This means that there is a huge amount of plastic and waste that we do not manage as waste to recycle and ends up contaminating our planet. Each year, approximately 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans, damaging wildlife. It is vitally important that we all do our best to address this and reduce plastic waste.

Approximately 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans, damaging wildlife.

With this guide we are going to help you reduce your plastic waste, and, in many cases, stop using it. There are many simple changes you can make in your life that will make a difference.

Take your own plastic bags to purchase

Whilst the 5p plastic bag charge has made a great contribution to reducing the amount of bags that people use, plastic bags are still a big contributor to the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans.

There are many filters that are capable of replacing 400 single-use plastic water bottles.

You can replace your single-use plastic bags with alternatives such as bags made of fabrics, such as canvas and natural fibers, so you can avoid the plastic altogether. Generally, they are not expensive bags, so if you are a regular buyer, it should not be long until you amortize them.

Get a Reusable Water Bottle

We currently buy one million plastic bottles per minute all over the world, buying a reusable water bottle is an excellent way to be part of the solution and help prevent one of the biggest contributors to the world's plastic problem.

Another benefit is that many bottles have replaceable filters, which allow filtering more than 99.9% of microbiological contaminants from any fresh water source. This means that, thanks to this type of bottle, you should never reuse single-use plastic water bottles.

There are many filters that are capable of replacing 400 single-use plastic water bottles. If we all adopt this principle and change our mentality about the plastic, just think about the difference we could make.

Bottle on the sea

Opt for a reusable coffee cup

Like water bottles, the use of plastic coffee cups for tea or coffee is another practice that we must stop doing, with the millions of disposable plastic coffee cups that are used every day in the world, we should be aware of the waste it generates in the world.

Some of the big coffee companies, such as Starbucks and Costa, have reusable cup initiatives, like the discount you get in coffee if you bring a reusable cup, and they also start making their own reusable cups.

There are many options for reusable coffee cups, and most are reasonably priced. Then, if you use the extra money from your coffee with the reusable cup, you can amortize the expense in a short time.

Do not use plastic cutlery and plastic straws

Plastic cutlery is something that has become common in many takeout shops and is just another form of disposable plastic that we could avoid. Nowadays, a new concept of portable and reusable cutlery is becoming fashionable, this can help to prevent the need for disposable plastic knives and forks.

These usually come as a set of cutlery knife, fork and spoon with a case so they are easy to transport. Non-plastic straws are also widely available, you can get them in a wide range of materials including wood, plastic and metal, although these should be cleaned quite often.

Take your own food and containers

Carry your own food instead of buying it, for example, by packing your own food in reusable containers, you will not have to buy plastic-wrapped foods, and your reusable containers will mean you will not have to throw anything away either.

Plastic-free chewing gum

Most chewing gums are made of a synthetic rubber that is essentially a plastic. In fact, 85% of people do not know that these chewing gums contain plastic. So when they are used and thrown away, they become a single-use plastic.

So another method to help the environment is to stop buying chewing gums. But you can always look for the chewing gums that some companies are creating, these chewing gums are natural and biodegradable.

Buy in bulk

Unfortunately, in today's world, the use of plastics is sometimes inevitable. But do not despair, there are ways to reduce the amount of single-use plastic you buy. One of the solutions is that when you buy products, such as clothes online or certain foods, it is to buy in bulk, since otherwise they will always come in plastic containers.

Often, when buying in bulk, in the case of online clothing, many retailers will wrap more than one garment in the same packaging, so buying a lot of garments in a single order will reduce the amount of packaging plastic they will send and, in turn, the amount of plastic waste that is being thrown away.

Keep watching for new anti-plastic initiatives

As people and companies become more aware of the problem of plastic waste in the environment, we begin to take measures with new products, avoiding plastic, as we have already discussed in this article. So be sure to stay updated on new ways to reduce your plastic footprint.

Another way to help change is by getting involved with nonprofit organizations and initiatives that help fight the problem of plastic pollution. You can find the organization that best suits the problem you want to be involved in, and help protect our oceans from plastic pollution. There are many non-profit organizations that run educational programs, events and festivals that use charismatic sea creatures to tell critical stories of the ocean in engaging and entertaining ways.

Although these changes that we have explained seem like small acts, if we all change our mentality around the plastic, we can make a big difference and preserve the future of our planet. Join us in purchasing sustainable products and services with nature at Nattiam, and together we will change the world.