Start the competition to get the best offer

Already, the sales announcements for Black Friday are circulating and all, or almost all, we are looking forward to the time to make our purchases approving the offers and discounts.

It is impossible to deny that there are some good offers for pre-Christmas purchases, and certain holiday buyers. Perhaps, you believe that this article is to condemn the rude commercialism of the holidays, but it is much better to look at Christmas shopping from the perspective of gift giving and generosity.

Black Friday date

Do we make purchases very often and in excess? Of course. But most of the times we buy what we do with positive intentions? I am sure that most of the time we do it. But it is also true that there are more sustainable and even smarter ways to buy Black Friday or even Cyber ​​Monday. In this article we leave you only some:

Do we make purchases very often and in excess? Of course. But most of the times we buy what we do with positive intentions?

  1. We can make group purchases and share the trip to reduce carbon emissions.
  2. It is much better to buy locally in the gift shops of our community, since many of them also offer very good offers, the problem is that they receive much less commercial traffic in these big days than the big shopping centers.
  3. We can buy green gifts for our loved ones or for ourselves. Think sustainable, vegan, fair trade and organic. If it is not available locally, we can make that purchase on a web page.
  4. We can recycle items that we have at home to make a gift or buy gently used items as holiday gifts.
  5. We can look for Black Friday deals on experiences instead of objects. This I think is the best advice of the entire article. As parents, many of you know that our children have too many toys. We have to donate them regularly. But they would enjoy a seasonal pass somewhere, tickets for events or even fees for classes or sports. A gift card for a game center, for the cinema and even a night or a weekend in a fun or themed hotel. These are amazing gifts that are not expected, that allow a conscious experience instead of a thing to use and discard. There are often sales at this time of the year in memberships and even gift cards.
  6. We can follow the custom we have always made of "giving something", "something that our loved ones want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read", and only look for these items when buying.
  7. While we are buying, we can focus our attention on the experience and remember that the other shoppers and store personnel are also human beings. It is important to treat others as we want them to treat us instead of going to a death match for the latest fashion of toys or discounted television.
  8. We can look people in the eye, be sincere in our interest in their well-being when we talk with them, and even smile at the people around us and spread joy instead of a sense of urgency and greed.
  9. We can practice patience in the lines and be kind to the people around us, above all.
  10. We can bring our own reusable bags, both paper and cloth or other organic material, instead of using plastic bags for our purchases. If we have to use plastic bags for some reason, we can reuse them as much as possible and then donate them to be recycled (many stores offer this).